Green Lantern Corps adds Man Of Steel writing team

DC’s Green Lantern Corps will be like “Lethal Weapon in space”

In among all the Justice League-related furoe, there has been a distinct lack of Green Lantern Corps news of late. Well, that has now changed, as it finally has a writing team in the form of David S Goyer and Justin Rhodes.

There’s plenty of experience of there, mainly on the part of Goyer, who has plenty of superhero experience, having penned Man Of Steel and Batman V Superman (as well as previously working on Batman Begins and The Dark Knight). There’s less so in the case of Rhodes – Green Lantern Corps will be by far his biggest movie to date, with his other credits including the likes of Grassroots and Contract Killers.

Hal Jordan and John Stewart will both feature in Green Lantern Corps.

In other news, it has been confirmed that the movie will feature two Green Lanterns: Hal Jordan (who was played by Ryan Reynolds in Martin Campbell’s 2011 movie) and John Stewart, who was most notably featured in the Justice League animated series. With the story being described incredibly promisingly as being like “Lethal Weapon in space”, this hopefully indicates a more gritty-yet-funny tone, and hopefully a better movie – although to be honest that should be the absolute bare mimimum expectation considering the poor reception and continued critical maligning dished out to the original movie.

Green Lantern Corps will be released in cinemas in 2020. For all the latest movie news, pick up the new issue of SciFiNow.