Gotham TV show confirms Batman, Catwoman and Joker

New Batman TV show will tell Bruce Wayne origin and star Joker, Riddler, Catwoman and Penguin

Batman and Commissioner Gordon meet in Batman: Earth One by artist Gary Frank
Batman and Commissioner Gordon have an early meeting in Batman: Earth One by artist Gary Frank

DC Comics’ Gotham TV series, which is currently being developed at Fox, sounds like it has more than a whiff of Smallville about it, to the point where we wonder why The CW didn’t keep it in-house.

“This is not one of the things where you bought a franchise and then none of characters people know,” explained Fox Entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly to The Hollywood Reporter.

“We will follow Bruce Wayne right up until the point where he gets interesting.”

That’s not entirely dissimilar to Clark Kent’s arc, and it still galls many Smallville fans that we never actually saw him pull on the costume. Nonetheless, the network are currently looking for a 12 year-old Bruce Wayne.

Speaking to Hitflix, Reilly revealed a few more details. “We see Detective Gordon, before he’s a commissioner, all the characters you know, Bruce Wayne, the Penguin, all of them. It’s Gotham teetering on the edge, and we see what makes these characters become who they are, [like] Catwoman. It’s an operatic soap that has a slightly larger-than-life quality to it.”

The Hollywood Reporter interview also adds the Joker and Riddler to the mix. Given the territory covered, it’s interesting to wonder just how much will this show be inspired by Frank Miller’s Year One, or even the recent Year Zero?

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