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Gotham spoilers: First look at Dr Leslie Thompkins

First look at Morena Baccarin’s Dr Leslie Thompkins in Gotham

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Gotham has unveiled its first look at Morena Baccarin’s Dr Leslie Thompkins.

The character, who is one of the few characters who knows Batman’s true identity in the comics, will make her first appearance when the show returns from its mid-season hiatus, working at Arkham Asylum. Arkham, of course, is where Jim Gordon has been dispatched as a result of his pesky detective work and morals. We’ve now got our first look at Bruce Wayne’s future ally courtesy of EW (via Digital Spy).

“I’m a physician. I’m working at Arkham, but we’re not sticking too close to the original mythology,” the Firefly and Homeland star told EW. “We are having her team up with Jim Gordon instead of the Wayne family and Bruce. Eventually, who knows—it could go in that direction, but it hasn’t yet…She’s just one of those people who doesn’t take shit. She doesn’t really care what anybody thinks. She’s a good person. She doesn’t do anything terrible, but she’s not going to cater to stupid people, so it can be disarming but it can also be infuriating to certain people”

“She gets out [of Arkham] which is really fun and her and Jim kind of pair up and have this really great relationship. I think it’s important. Arkham is a really kind of iconic and dark and crazy world but I don’t think you want to spend too much time in there,” she said. “Jim finds an ally in her, which I think is important for him at this point. He’s beaten down by the system and he’s been fighting this one-man operation to make Gotham not as corrupt. I think it’s really important that he finds that relationship in Leslie.”

Dr Leslie Thompkins as she appears in the comics
Dr Leslie Thompkins as she appears in the comics

Baccarin confirms that Thompkins is very much there for Gordon in this difficult time and is as capable as he is at shaking up the corrupt establishment, saying that “She definitely can get down and dirty. She’s inquisitive and interested and I think wants to get her hands dirty and wants to get in there with Jim so I think it’s not completely out of the question that she has a little bit of that side to her. [She’s] very no-bullshit, speaks her mind. She’s not pulled in by the craziness, corruption of Gotham. She’d rather live in a better world [but] she’s also very unfazed by the craziness of Gotham and Arkham.”

Gotham airs on Monday nights on Channel 5 at 10pm in the UK. You can find out more on the comics that have inspired the show by picking up our 100 All-Time Greatest Comics bookazine now!