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Gotham Season 3: Mad Hatter, new Joker and more

Sean Pertwee on the new villains entering Gotham for Season 3

Gotham Season Two ended with the release of a literal bus-load of monsters, and those of us who caught the Alice In Wonderland Easter Egg weren’t at all surprised to hear that the Mad Hatter would be showing up in Season Three.

Luckily, the cast were on hand to give us some exclusive insights into Season Three’s villains.

Sean Pertwee, who plays Alfred, is particularly interested in how the emergence of Mad Hatter will be “a very emotive aspect especially for Master Bruce and myself, because of course Martha Wayne used to read Alice In Wonderland to him all the time.”

Gotham Season 3
Will Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) meet his evil doppelganger in Season 3?

Hatter won’t be the only emotive aspect for the butler and his young charge, as the final Arkham escapee is a doppelganger Bruce Wayne, someone who the cast are being understandably cagey about. “I can say that the doppelganger will be prevalent,” Pertwee tells us. “He will be involved to quite a degree to begin with… and it’ll be very interesting for David (Mazouz, who plays Bruce) to play that.” Who exactly this doppelganger is, though, is being kept under wraps. (Clone? Hush? Secret evil twin?)

But the villain Robin Lord Taylor, who plays Penguin, is most interested in seeing is one that’s already dead – Jerome, the proto-Joker. “I don’t know if he’s coming back, but he is one person who I would love to see return to our show,” Taylor tells us. “[Penguin] wants to create order – his order – but he wants order. Whereas Joker, and Joker’s following, the cult of Joker, Jerome, that’s all about anarchy and tearing down order, just a free for all, which is incredibly threatening to Penguin. I think it would be a brilliant, brilliant conflict, or a brilliant meeting of villains.”

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