Gotham Season 2: Nygma “isn’t the Riddler yet”

Cory Michael Smith teases the future Riddler’s path in Gotham Season 2

While Season 2 of Gotham has teased the introduction of a number of new faces, it’s safe to say that the existing characters won’t be neglected either.

Cory Michael Smith’s Edward Nygma is one of them, gradually shifting towards his destiny of becoming the Riddler – galvanised by his mental breakdown at the end of Season 1 after he murders a co-worker.

For the actor, that transformation is somewhat understandable given the fact that the character is, in his own words, “a complete loser” that nothing goes right for.

“Being so tightly wound, being so frustrated and having blood on his hands… at the end of Season One, he just explodes,” says Smith. “He has to change. He has to try something different. The beginning of Season Two will be him having to confront this voice, very literally this other person who is saying, ‘Dude, take control. Do something. Make a choice.’ He has to adjust to that and make changes. He has to find a new identity, so that’s where we’re at.

“We’re not dealing with a villain yet. It’s not someone having mal-intentions yet. He just wants to be happy. He wants people to like him. He wants love and respect. We’re still with good intentions, but he’s got to gain some power. And things are looking up if he listens to this alter-ego of his.”

Gotham is currently airing on Fox in the US, with a UK air date to follow. Check out the comics that inspired the series in the 100 All-Time Greatest Comics bookazine now.