Gotham casts first all-new character for big bad

Scream 2’s Jada Pinkett Smith joins the cast of Fox’s Gotham as all-new mob boss

Jada Pinkett Smith in Scream 2
Jada Pinkett Smith in Scream 2

According to Variety, Fox’s Batman-inspired TV series Gotham has cast The Matrix: Reloaded and Scream 2‘s Jada Pinkett Smith as all-new mob boss Fish Mooney, the first original character on the show.

Mooney, who is the boss of psychopath and future Penguin Oswald Cobblepot, is described as “A sadistic gangster boss and nightclub owner, Fish Mooney’s got the street smarts and almost extra-sensory abilities to read people like an open book.

“Imposing and hotheaded, she’s not one to be crossed.”

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