Gotham casts Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon

Southland and The OC’s Ben McKenzie will play a young Jim Gordon in Fox’s Gotham TV show

Ben McKenzie Southland
Ben McKenzie in Southland

Ben McKenzie, best known for playing Officer Ben Sherman in Southland and brooding Ryan Atwood in The OC, has been cast as Jim Gordon in Fox’s Gotham.

Variety reports that McKenzie will take the lead in the show about how Gordon, and Bruce Wayne, became the figures we know from the Batman series.

Per Variety, “A young Bruce Wayne will also be featured, as  Gotham follows Wayne from his pre-teen years to the moment when he puts on the Batman cape for the first time.”

For anyone concerned about an actor from a ’00s teen melodrama taking on such a beloved character, McKenzie is superb in Southland, and fans of the underappreciated show will tell you he’s a great fit for Gordon.

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