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Ghost Whisperer producer on the next season

PK Simonds talks to SciFiNow about the fifth outing.

G400_ghostwhisperer_cbs_070926_rvoetshost Whisperer is one of those odd shows that seems to be renewed every season, but nobody ever really hears about it. We say odd, because it has a big name in the form of Jennifer Love Hewitt at the head of the cast, and it’s actually something of a success story, given the usually-short lifespans of this kind of entertainment on television.

With the new season rapidly approaching, we sat down with executive producer PK Simonds to talk about what we can expect from the next season of the show, which jumps forward in time from the end of season four. “The quick answer is that it’s about the child, about the baby,” said Simonds. “And we heard at the end of last season that this is a special child with special gifts that are probably much greater than hers and we’re going to find out this season that they are in fact much greater.”

This opens up new avenues for plot in the series, which follows a woman who can see and communicate with the dead, although her ability is apparently limited in comparison. “what that does for us is it just opens up a lot of doors. We’re going to have things that this child is able to see or sense that Melinda never knew were there. And those things are both miraculous and friendly and wonderful and also terrifying and very dangerous. And so what that does is it gives you a lot of really exciting storytelling.”

Ghost Whisperer’s fifth season debuts on 25 September, through CBS.