Get a great sci-fi bundle at a price of your choosing

Pay what you want for VODO’s Otherworlds bundle of sci-fi books, comics, games and films

OtherworldsIndie multimedia distributor VODO is making some great sci-fi and fantasy, including games, books, comics and short films, available for the price that you want to pay with the first Otherworlds bundle.

The Otherworlds bundle includes Cory Doctorow’s graphic novel collection Futuristic Tales Of The Here And Now, the five part comic book series The Surrogates, multi-player game Bientôt l’été, a collection of four short films and Sabled Sun’s ambient music 2145, and you can pay what you want for the whole lot.

Other fantastic bundles, including feature films, are available for fixed prices, but Otherworlds 1 will be available for the price of your choosing until 3 May. Get your bundle here.

An indie distributor aimed at getting indie sci-fi content to the fans who will appreciate it, VODO looks like a great opportunity to make some discoveries and find some new favourites.