Game Of Thrones Season 5 air date announced

Find out when Game Of Thrones Season 5 is set to return and ruin your life again

game of thrones season 5 air date

game of thrones season 5 air date
Arya and The Hound are stopped in their tracks by the marvellous air date

You can officially start planning your Game Of Thrones Season 5 premiere party now that an air date has finally been announced.

HBO confirmed 12 April as the day of the Season 5 opener last night, after the official Game Of Thrones Twitter account tweeted the following message:

Anticipation for the show’s fifth season has slowly been building for a while (duh), but even more so after the @GameOfThrones tweeted a link to a mysterious companion website last year, where fans can sign up and receive The Sight, whatever that means, via their mobile devices.

Game Of Thrones Season 5 airs on 12 April 2015. You can buy Game Of Thrones Season 1-3 on Blu-ray for £42 from For more fantasy news, check out the latest issue of SciFiNow.