Game of Thrones fans, teach yourself to speak Dothraki

Speak the tongue of the horse lords with Living Language: Dothraki by David J Peterson

Ever wanted to be able to converse freely in the native tongue of Game Of Thrones‘ ultimate warriors, the Dothraki?

Well now you can, thanks to this lovingly put-together Living Language: Dothraki multimedia pack from HBO, created by David J Peterson, the inventor of the Dothraki’s unique language.

Using the enclosed book and CD, you will be able to teach yourself the grammar and vocabulary necessary to hold a conversation with your sun and stars, in the process learning the same language seen in the TV series.

Inside you will find:

– Key Dothraki phrases for greeting, parting, everyday life and battle.

– An extensive and detailed explanation of Dothraki grammar with usahe examples.

– A categorised glossary of more than 250 Dothraki words, including never-before-heard vocabulary.

– Culture notes on the Dothraki people and their language.

A must-own for both language enthusiasts and fans of HBO’s hit show, make like a Khal, and reserve your copy today.

Living Language: Dothraki by David J Peterson will be available to buy from 7 October 2014. For the latest Game Of Thrones news, subscribe to SciFiNow and save 30% off the cover price.