Game Of Thrones and The Walking Dead most pirated shows of 2011

Game Of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Terra Nova and True Blood score highly in a list of most pirated TV shows on Bitorrent

Game Of Thrones HBO

Game Of Thrones HBOHBO’s Game Of Thrones, the TV show of the year in the 2011 SciFiNow Annual Awards, is also the genre’s most pirated show of the year with an estimated 3,400,000 downloads per episode – just pipping the actual US viewing statistics of 3,040,000. Interestingly the over all number one, Dexter, also features more downloads than actual TV viewers and its real ratings are far below those of George RR Martin’s fantasy drama.

Also in the list are The Walking Dead (2,060,000 downloads), Terra Nova (1,910,000 downloads), and True Blood (1,850,000 downloads).