Gambit movie: Channing Tatum is already preparing

Channing Tatum confirms talks for X-Men: Days Of Future Past’s Gambit spin-off

Gambit as he appears in the Marvel comics
Gambit on the cover of X-Men Origins: Gambit by artist David Jardin

Speaking at the MTV Movie Awards, 21 Jump Street and Magic Mike star Channing Tatum revealed that he’s not only deeply excited about X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner’s proposed Gambit solo film, but he’s already started nailing his accent.

“I met with Lauren Shuler Donner,” admitted Tatum. “And I would love it. Gambit is really the only X-Man I’ve ever loved. I mean I’ve loved them all, they’re all great, but I guess from being down south – my dad’s from Louisiana, I’m from Mississippi, Alabama, Florida – I don’t know. I just related to him.

“He’s just kind of suave… He’s the most un X-Men X-Man that’s ever been in X-Men. Other than maybe Wolverine, who’s like the anti-hero. He’s a thief. He’s not even a hero. He’s kind of walking the line of grey…He loves women and drinking and smoking and stuff so he’s just a cool guy who happens to have a moral center….

“I hope it [comes together]. You never know it’s a weird industry. If the stars align, I would die to play it. I’m already working on the accent. It’s crappy at the moment.”

X-Men: Days Of Future Past will be released on 22 May 2014. You can buy X-Men: The Ultimate Collection on Blu-ray for £26.24 at and find out more about the comics that inspired the film with new digital magazine Uncanny Comics.