Fringe writer and 30 Days Of Night director to take on next Daredevil movie

Hot on the heels of X-Men: First Class comes another promised superhero reboot

Fringe co-producer and writer Brad Caleb Kane is set to adapt Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’’s definitive take on Marvel superhero Daredevil, the infamous Born Again storyline in which the character goes to the brink of insanity and collapse, at the hands of the villainous crimelord Kingpin, before achieving redemption.

His screenplay has been commissioned by Fox for a new Daredevil movie that ignores 2003’s Ben Affleck helmed effort, with 30 Days Of Night/Twilight: Eclipse‘s David Slade named as director and Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes/Terra Nova‘s Peter Chernin and Dylan Clark of Chernin Entertainment are producing.