Fringe Season 5 finale due 18 January 2013

Fox confirm air date for the Fringe Season 5 finale as 18 January 2013

Fringe Season 5 final episode

Fringe Season 5 final episode
The core cast of Fringe, circa Season 5

Sad but exciting news as TV’s coolest sci-fi show winds up, TVLine have confirmed the date of the final two episodes of Fringe Season 5 (and indeed Fringe, full-stop) as 18 January 2013 on Fox.

The two hour-long episodes will go out back-to-back on 18 January, and are expected to air soon after on Sky 1 in the UK.

Star Anna Torv commented,  “In film, you can have sad endings – like, ‘Oh well, it could’ve been’ – but with television, you put so much time into these people that when you do finally say goodbye, you should be satisfied.

“Not necessarily happy, but not heartbroken.”

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