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Friday 13th reboot gets delayed again

Jason’s return trip to Crystal Lake has once again been pushed back…

Jason hacking and slashing in space in Jason X
Jason hacking and slashing in space in Jason X

The long-in-development Friday 13th reboot has been pushed back once again.

Bloody Disgusting reports that Jason Vorhees’ return to the big screen has been delayed until 13 May 2016, getting shunted from its November 2015 release date.

The site also reminds us that there wasn’t a script for the film as of two weeks ago, although director David Bruckner (The Signal, V/H/S) remains attached.

The delay isn’t exactly surprising as it seems as though it’s been hard for the filmmakers and the studio to agree on what they want this to be. There’s been that persistent found footage rumour for starters, and it’s presumably going to ignore Marcus Nispel’s noisy 2009 remake. We also assume that they can’t go back to space again, which is a shame because we do love Jason X….

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