Frank Miller’s Ronin TV show coming to Syfy

Syfy will turn Frank Miller’s cyberpunk samurai comic Ronin into a miniseries

Frank Miller's cover art to Ronin issue 3
Frank Miller’s cover art to Ronin issue 3

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Syfy are adapting writer/artist Frank Miller’s mystical cyberpunk comic Ronin as a TV miniseries.

The site reports that Syfy are looking for a writer for the show, which is being produced by Warner Horizon Television and DC Entertainment, and the exact length of the miniseries is unknown, although the comic itself ran for six issues.

Published by DC Comics in 1983/4, Ronin follows the reincarnation of a disgraced Samurai warrior in a future dystopia. Having failed to prevent his master’s murder by a demon in the 13th Century, he’s given a second chance to put things right and must battle the demon in this new world.

Though Miller is now better known for the likes of 300, The Dark Knight Returns and Sin City, Ronin represented the apogee of a enthusiasm with samurai, ninja and kung fu cinema that had inspired his definitive early ’80s run on Daredevil and the 1982 Wolverine miniseries with writer Chris Claremont that inspired last year’s The Wolverine.

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