Frank Miller’s controversial Batman vs Al-Qaeda story to see print

Only without Batman and DC, for obvious reasons

Originally proposed as Holy Terror, Batman, Frank Miller‘s pitch for a 122 page graphic novel superhero strike against Al-Qaeda has, understandably, been lurking in development hell since it was first announced in 2006.

Having finally found a home on Legendary Comics, a subsidary of Legendary Pictures (300, The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, Watchmen etc), the graphic novel will no longer feature Batman, but instead a new character called The Fixer. Miller explained, “I pushed Batman as far as he can go and after a while he stops being Batman. My guy carries a couple of guns and is up against an existential threat. He’s not just up against a goofy villain. Ignoring an enemy that’s committed to our annihilation is kind of silly. It just seems that chasing the Riddler around seems silly compared to what’s going on out there. I’ve taken Batman as far as he can go.”

Expect controversy.