Four added to Red Dawn cast

Lucas, Cruise, Hodge and Hutcherson join Cold War remake.

reddawn_120704A number of actors have been added to the cast of Red Dawn, a remake of the 1984 film of the same name. Among the new names are a few familiar faces, but also Connor Cruise, the son of famous actor Tom Cruise.

Josh Hutcherson, Isabel Lucas, Edwin Hodge and Connor Cruise have all reportedly signed up, according to Variety. They join a cast that already includes Chris Hemsworth (Star Trek, Thor), who will be playing Jed Eckert via Patrick Swayze, Adrianne Palicki (Supernatural, Legion) who will be playing Toni Mason via Jennifer Grey, and Josh Peck (The Wackness) who will be playing Matt Eckert via Charlie Sheen. Hutcherson will be playing Robert Morris via C Thomas Howell, Cruise will play Daryl via Darren Dalton, Lucas is for Erica Mason via Lea Thompson and Hodge rounds off the group playing Danny, originally portrayed by Brad Savage.

Red Dawn is scheduled for a September 2010 release. The film is directed by Dan Bradley, with a script from Jeremy Passmore and Carl Ellsworth. The original focused around the invasion of the United States in an alternate timeline by the USSR. The updated film focuses on a group of kids in Spokane, WA, who form a resistance group when the US is invaded by a mixture of Russian and Chinese troops.