Flight Of The Navigator reboot will be “real” says director

Safety Not Guaranteed’s Colin Trevorrow on rebooting Disney’s Flight Of The Navigator

Joey Cramer as David Freeman in Flight Of The Navigator

Disney’s reboot of Flight Of The Navigator will see writer Derek Connolly and filmmaker Colin Trevorrow team up again (they wrote and directed Safety Not Guaranteed respectively), but by Connolly’s own admission, it “wasn’t a seminal movie” of his childhood.

“It’s a true statement, we like different things,” he laughs, speaking exclusively to SciFiNow. “I acknowledge that Navigator is not a perfect film and that’s not why I loved it, it’s because when I was a kid at that particular moment that movie had a fear embedded into it, a nightmare scenario; what if everyone grew up around you and you’re still a kid and your parents are old? It’s child horror and one of five VHS tapes that I had and therefore watched a thousand times.”

The original 1986 picture told the story of a 12-year-old boy who was abducted by an alien spaceship and returns eight years later, frozen in time as a pre-pubescent and with no memory of what happened.

“The thing I love about those ‘80s films is that there was absolutely no fear of being hokey,” says Trevorrow, “and often times they got away with it and they would say straight up ‘Look this person is an alien and these people are gonna fall in love, deal with it’. I think that there’s something scary in trying to tell stories like that but approached from a naturalistic and very real place I think there’s a new tone that’s very cool.

“We touched it a little in Safety Not Guaranteed and I want to keep pushing in that direction.”

Safety Not Guaranteed is out in cinemas now. Pick up the original Flight Of The Navigator on DVD for £14.50 or on Blu-ray for £11.59 from Amazon.co.uk.