Flash TV show to co-star Vibe

DC Comics superhero Vibe to join Barry Allen in The CW’s Arrow Season 2 spin-off, The Flash

Vibe and Kid Flash on the cover of Justice League Of America's Vibe #3
Vibe and Kid Flash on the cover of Justice League Of America’s Vibe #3

According to Moviehole.net, The CW aren’t resting on their laurels when it comes to adapting new DC Comics superheroes for the small screen, and just as their Flash TV show kicked off in Arrow Season 2, the Flash series will also co-star Vibe.

The site reports that Cisco Ramon, an engineer with the power to induce vibrational shockwaves, will be joining Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) in Flash Season 1.

One of DC’s most high-profile Latino superheroes, Vibe first appeared in Justice League Of America Annual #2 (October 1984).

Created by writer Gerry Conway and artist Chuck Patton, Vibe is a key part of DC’s New 52 and has made appearances in the Justice League Unlimited animated series, as well as the wonderful DC Nation animated shorts.

Arrow Season 2 Part 2 will air early 2014 on Sky 1 HD. Arrow Season 1 is out now on DVD for £21.02 or on Blu-ray for £27.49 from Amazon.co.uk.