Flash TV pilot reveals Iris West casting

Why casting Iris West as the Arrow spin-off’s love interest might not be as simple as all that

The Game star Candice Patton
The Game star Candice Patton

Arrow Season 2‘s Grant Gustin-fronted Flash spin-off has cast Iris West, referred to by Deadline as “Allen’s fast-talking, quick-witted best friend,” but better know to comic fans as Barry Allen’s wife, aunt of the third Flash/first Kid Flash Wally West, and grandmother of the fourth Flash/second Kid Flash/Impulse Bart Allen.

Iris West – who is the daughter of Allen’s mentor Detective West (Smash and Law & Order‘s Jesse L Martin) – will be played by genre newcomer Candice Patton, whose credits include Days Of Our Lives and The Game.

Interestingly, the Kid Flash of Mark Waid and Alex Ross’s apocalyptic Kingdom Come mini-series is… Iris West, the daughter of Wally West, so there’s some interesting roads available for The CW when it comes to keeping the fans on their toes.

They didn’t make the whole Black Canary thing all that straightforward for Oliver Queen, and it certainly looks as though we’re getting another over-protective cop father here, so why should we expect the Flash to get a nice tidy love life?

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