Five things we know about Supernatural season six

Confirmed facts from the cast and crew.

As Supernatural’s sixth season looms overhead, many fans are asking where the story can go from here. After all, the boys have defeated the devil, and the archangel Michael, and save for a very moody looking Sam in the closing moments of season five, there wasn’t much left unresolved.

Having spoken to the cast and crew over the last few months, however, we thought we’d share our pearls of wisdom with you as to what we know to expect.

House broken Dean

After promising Sam that he’d hang up his guns and live the good life, Dean will do just that. The action picks up a year after the events of ‘Swan Song’, and our plucky hero will have settled down with Lisa and Ben. “It’s interesting for a character with that kind of past to be domesticated the way he has been, it’s this odd balance of normalcy with complete and utter oddity,” Jensen Ackles told us. “He’s got the white picket-fence but at the same time he still has a shot-gun underneath the bed, the silver amulets above the door and the Devil’s trap underneath the rug.”

Sam mans up

Given how much of a catastrophe Sam has been over the last few seasons – causing the end of the world, getting possessed by Satan – it’s clear that he has to harden up a bit. Which according to Jared Padalecki, is exactly what he does. “Now Sam is very tactical. Not that he’s heartless, but he feels that doing his heart’s job is to protect people that can’t protect themselves, whether there is some loss or some damages in the process, that’s the harsh truth of the war I suppose.”

The Lucifer storyline is done

True to their promises, the crew have confirmed that the angels versus demons storyline is done. “Well, we’re dealing a lot more with monsters again, getting back into monsters and creatures. Angels and demons are a little exhausted. It’s hard to top the Apocalypse,” said creator Eric Kripke. “So it’s about creatures, so we’re bringing back Djinn, we’re going to look at vampires, shape-shifters, skin-walkers, and – as a little tease, because Ben just finished coming up with this idea and because I think it’s so nuts – fairies and goblins and leprechauns, but in a very Ben Edlund way.”

Bobby gets his moment in the sun

Jensen Ackles is directing the fourth episode of the season, and it’s going to focus on our own Mr Singer. “It’s the story of Bobby trying to undo the deal with Crowley for his soul, among other things,” said new showrunner Sera Gamble. “We call it, ‘Weekend At Bobby’s’ and the inspiration for the episode is that we were curious to know what 48 hours in the life of Bobby Singer would be like, what happens when he hangs up the phone. The boys are like, ‘Oh, it’ll take him five minutes,’ and he will find the obscure law that could be in any fucking book in the world. How hard is it really to do all of that? It’s pretty hilarious and it’s more work than Jim [Beaver] has ever had to do.”

There’s no dearth of content

Addressing questions over whether the show’s story could sustain another season, given the conclusion of its main story, Gamble came out fighting. “If there was ever a fear that we wouldn’t have anywhere to go, we actually had an embarrassment of riches in terms of places to go after we foiled Lucifer. One thing we knew for sure was that we didn’t want to just slot in another ‘big bad’. We had to sit down and take all the pieces of story we wanted to do and think of a new way to attack them.”