The five worst things about Star Wars

Charting the space opera’s biggest faux pas to date.

As a bona fide sci-fi franchise Star Wars has provided us with much to love and cherish. But, it has also gifted us with moments where we can only wonder just what the heck was going through the minds of those involved. A double-edged Lightsaber this quandry is.

Below, we’ve put together five of the most infuriatingly bad aspects of the series.

EP1-IA-70054_R_8x10Jar Jar Binks

In his efforts to shift a few more toys, George Lucas dropped the ball big time and created a character that was as irritating as he was hapless. Bad. Just plain bad.

EP2_IA_3a RGBNaboo love scene

Okay we get it, they’re in love, but nobody needs to see Anakin and Padme rolling about in the pastures to be convinced that they like one another. Gone With The Wind this second prequel most certainly is not.

the-star-wars-holiday-special-19781978 Holiday Special

So bad that Lucas famously attempted to buy up all the master copies to ensure it was never broadcast again Let it be stricken from the Jedi Archives forever. Not even worth watching for comedic value alone.

YounglingsThe Younglings

Star Wars is bursting with bad performances but after some of the delivery from these child actors, Anakin had no choice but to bring on the Lightsabers. For those that think Revenge Of The Sith isn’t that bad, check out these pint-sized imps again and your opinion might just change.

Picture 1The pod race

More like an episode of Wacky Races than a serious set piece. Check out Return Of The Jedi’s Speeder Bike scene on Endor for a real chase scene. Yet another dulling moment for The Phantom Menace.

Do you disagree with our choices? Think they were a little unfair, and that Jar Jar Binks is in fact comic relief par excellence? Then jump below to the comments thread and wield your thoughts.