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Five big feature-length finales

Heroes isn’t the only show that finishes off its storyline with a TV film.

Heroes may be cancelled, but NBC executive Angela Bromstad gave fans hope over the weekend that they would see a two-hour feature to tie up the plot. This isn’t a particularly new device in science fiction, after all, several other shows have had their own superpowered finales as well.

the-ark-of-truth-1Stargate SG-1

The series itself didn’t end the Ori story arc, choosing instead to have more of a standalone episode that finished off the Asgard. With The Ark Of Truth, however, the show wrapped up the overarching plot, paving the way for another special in the form of Continuum. Further specials have been rumoured, but never materialised.


Farscape was unceremoniously cancelled by Sci Fi at the end of its fourth season, leaving both of the main characters vapourised after finally declaring their love for each other. Luckily, Brian Henson fought tooth and nail and eventually a miniseries was produced to cap it off, entitled The Peacekeeper Wars.

tp_s2e29Twin Peaks

The first season of Twin Peaks is still David Lynch’s most famous creation, and the second received criticism for losing its way amid rumours of studio interference. A telemovie was flmed tofinish the story, named Fire Walk With Me, that wasn’t well received either.

red_dwarf_back_to_earthRed Dwarf

Years after the show had finished, and amid repeat speculation of a film to finish the show, Red Dwarf finally returned to screens as a three-part special. In true Red Dwarf style however, it didn’t finish the show, just left it on a continuing note from here on out (although it’s unlikely to return again).


Into The Wild Green Yonder was originally intended to be the ending for Futurama, with Fry and Leela finally falling in love, before the show was renewed for another season. There was apparently a great deal of debate surrounding the conclusion, with creator Matt Groening pushing for the ending that was finally seen.