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Five alternative Jurassic Park IV storylines

We predict which direction a new Jurassic Park movie could take…

jurassicpark-logoThere’s good news for Jurassic Park fans as director Joe Johnston has lifted the lid (ever so slightly) on what we can expect from a fourth entry in the franchise. Speaking during a press conference for his upcoming feature, The Wolfman, Johnston described this next instalment as being “unlike anything you’ve seen”. Adding to this, he hinted that this would be “essentially the beginning of the second Jurassic Park trilogy”.

With this in mind, we’ve pondered, mused and generally had a good think about what cinema-going folk might want to see from a new Jurassic Park movie. Below is a list of good, bad and just plain ugly storylines that might well happen.

119-21. Weaponised dinosaurs

The Lost World dipped into this, but we think the overriding arc for a new dino trilogy could be based around the concept of the US military using dinosaurs as weapons. Keeping in time with world events, we envisage that a plotline involving the conflict in the Middle East will be the most relatable option. So, dinosaurs packed to the hind legs with fancy weaponry – what’s not to like? It will be like Dino Riders, only /edgier.

stargate-stargate-3625556-1280-7202. Time travel

Over the course of three movies visitors to the Isla Nublar region have stumbled across all manner of strange beasts and futuristic laboratories. So in that respect it would be feasible to insert some kind of wormhole-spawning device somewhere in the area. This way the film’s creators can fling their protagonists back and forth in time, maybe even to some kind of alternate dinosaur dimension.

Picture 13. Evolution

By setting the film well into the future, this upcoming movie could feature an evolved batch of humanoid dinosaurs, leaving Costa Rica, and invading the shores of America. To get past the frankly impossible scientific implications of this kind of change in a species, all the creators have to do is ply audiences with the same kind of hokum information that made the original plausible. Simple.

Jurassic_Park_03.rgb4. A new park

Again setting the film some years into the future, this fourth movie could take place on a working Jurassic Park. All we’d need is a brief snippet of exposition, before something cataclysmic goes wrong and the dinosaurs somehow break free. Where in the first film we saw a group of know-it-alls, lawyers and technicians getting chomped, this approach will retain a more human angle as civilian visitors to the park are set upon by a bunch of rampaging beasts.

jp3 25. Docu-drama

It’s worked for the horror genre of late ([•REC], Paranormal Activity, Diary Of The Dead) and even in hardcore science fiction (District 9, The Fourth Kind), so there’s no reason why Johnston shouldn’t go all Errol Morris with this one and present the film as a mockumentary.