First look: Paranormal Activity

A horror film to really get excited about.

paranormalactivityposterA quite unique trailer for upcoming low-budget horror Paranormal Activity has arrived online. Instead of rattling through the film’s scare moments, this viral-styled promo flits between a test screen audience and the events on screen. Each jump and jolt is presented in eerie night vision, and captures people leaping from their seats. Think back to the trailer marketing campaign The Blair Witch Project received and you will be on the right lines with this one.

Written and directed by Oren Peli, the plot for this lo-fi effort centres on a young couple moving into a poky suburban abode. Pretty soon things start to go bump in the night, prompting the two to set up a camera in their bedroom. It’s through this story device that Peli’s film derives its scares. The trailer teased us (and a frankly terrified audience) with handheld rambles through a darkened house, mixed with static shots of the couple sleeping. Come a heart-thumping duvet pull moment, and the trailer serves its purpose by sending all in attendance into a frenzy of excitement. Us included.

You can watch the trailer below, courtesy of Rope Of Silicon.

Paranormal Activity will be given limited distribution on 25 September in the US. At this time Paramount has not announced further release dates for this film.