First John Carter poster gives away nothing

Take a closer look at Disney’s sci-fi adventure

John Carter, previously John Carter Of Mars, is certainly a mouth-watering project – an adaptation of an Edgar Rice Burroughs pulp series, A Princess Of Mars, which debuted in 1912, it’s being produced by Disney and is the first live action outing for director Andrew Stanton, whose previous sci-fi efforts are limited to the thoroughly lovely WALL-E , and for writer Mark Andrews who worked as a writer on Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

John Carter himself is being played by the appropriately named Taylor Kitsch (Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine), with the rest of the cast so far composed of True Blood‘s Lynn Collins and the mighty Willem Dafoe.

Aiming for a PG-13, this all the makings of a piece of fun adventure with perhaps the same target audience as Pirates Of The Caribbean, but this first poster is letting nothing slip.