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Film4 FrightFest 2015 line-up is announced! So many horrors!

The massive line-up for Film4 FrightFest 2015 has arrived, and there’s so much to see…

FrightFestFollowing the announcement that Cherry Tree and Tales Of Halloween would open and close Film4 FrightFest 2015 respectively, the horror festival has unveiled the full line-up…and it is packed.

There’s much buzzed festival favourites like Ben and Chris Blaine’s Nina Forever, Ted Geoghegan’s We Are Still Here, Mickey Keating’s Pod, Corin Hardy’s The Hallow and Rodney Ascher’s The Nightmare.

Steve Oram’s beserk-looking AAAAAAAAH! makes its world premiere, Bernard Rose delivers his take on Frankenstein, there’s Curve from Iain Softley, Adrian Garcia Bogliano gives us his amazingly-titled Scherzo Diabolico, and Francois Simard, Anouk Whissell & Yoann-Karl Whiseell’s Turbo Kid looks sure to be a crowd pleaser. There’s Paul Hyett’s lycanthropic Howl, Never Let Go from Howard J Ford, giant wasp schlock in Wasp, and evil trick or treaters in Bruce McDonald’s Hellions.

We Are Still Here

The eagerly awaited Deathgasm finally makes its arrival from New Zealand, while the James Wan-proudced Demonic gets a preview. Martin Starr and Beth Riesgraf star in claustrophobic thriler Shut In, while Ali Larter tangles with an evil presence in The Diabolical. French taxi driver horror Night Fare is described as “stark, gore-filled”, which is coming from the FrightFest guys, so…yep. Well-reviewed US comedy Bloodsucking Bastards, starring Fran Kranz and Pedro Pascal, hits the Discovery Screen, as does Anthony DiBlasi’s Most Likely To Die, Tyler Shields’ Final Girl, John Fallon’s The Shelter and Benjamin Moody’s Last Girl Standing.

Also in the Discovery Screen is David Gelb’s The Lazarus Effect, starring Olivia Wilde, Mark Duplass and Donald Glover, and Isabel Coixet’s Another Me, starring Sophie Turner. There’s also Takashi Miike goodness with Over Your Dead Body.

There are also restorations of Hellraiser, Your Vice Is A Locked Room And Only I Have The Key, Madman, The Mutilator, Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter, Hawk The Slayer, Tenderness Of The Wolves and Philip Ridley’s glorious The Reflecting Skin.

But wait! There’s more!  Representing British and Irish horror you’ve got Dominic Brunt’s Bait, Mark Murphy’s Awaiting, Adam Levins’ Estranged,  Ruth Platt’s The Lesson, Liam Regan’s  Banjo, Eugene McGing’s The Unfolding and Gez Medinger and Robin Schmidt’s Afterdeath

Nina Forever
Nina Forever

Also hitting the main screen are A Christmas Horror Story, Abner Pastoll’s Road Games, Levan Bakhia’s Landmine Goes Click, the Paz Brothers’ Jeruzalem (which apparently puts put the grim in pilgrimage), Adam Egypt Mortimer’s Some Kind Of Hate, Eric Hannezo’s take on Rabid Dogs, Australian director Ursula Dabrowsky’s Inner Demon, Victor Zarcoff’s Slumlord, and Michael Thelin’s Emelie.

Then in the Discovery Screen you’ve still got Jaron Henrie-McCrea’s Curtain, Russell Friedenberg’s Wind Walkers, Padraig Reynolds’ Worrry Dolls, Ben Cresciman’s Sun Choke, Kyle Rankin’s Night Of The Living Deb, Valentin Javier Diment’s The Rotten Link, Adam Mason’s Hangman, Perry Blackshear’s They Look Like People, John Knautz’s Goddess Of Love, Alberto Marini’s Summer Camp, Zak Hilditch’s These Final Hours, Pavel Khaleev’s III, April Mullen’s Farhope Tower, Jeffrey Lando’s Suspension, Isaac Gabaeff’s The Sand, Eduardo Schuldt’s The Entity, 14 year-old French director Nathan Ambrosioni’s Hostile, Dan Berk & Robert Olsen’s Body, Chad Archibald’s Bite, Joe Chien’s Zombie Fight Club, and Josh Forbes’ Contracted: Phase II. Finally, there is a special screening for Paul Goodwin’s FUTURE SHOCK! THE STORY OF 2000AD.


FrightFest 2015 runs from 27 to 31 August. Get planning now, and find more information at their website

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