Fear The Walking Dead’s Colman Domingo on Strand’s new direction

Colman Domingo on what’s next for Fear The Walking Dead

Victor Strand has been the chief enigma of Fear The Walking Dead, but he’s been gradually emerging into the light. Now, going into the second half of Season 2, Strand finds himself seeking a new direction in life. Actor Colman Domingo told us all about the challenges he faces.

Having lost his lover Thomas, the person Strand was relentlessly moving towards in Seasons 1 and 2a, season 2b sees Strand stopping to take a breath. “I think it’s challenging him to make him a bit more human in a way instead of being so mechanical about moving forward and staying in constant motion.”

Domingo thinks Strand’s connection with the family is “changing him”, but none more so than Madison. “I think he’s attracted to Madison in terms of how much of a lioness she is and how fierce she is… So there’s flirtation in that way. But I think it’s stronger and bigger than just what we in our modern world relate to just man and woman. It’s more like mind-to-mind.”

Strand, more than any other character, has embodied the fall of civilisation. “[H]ere is this man who has been built on so much affluence and wit and charisma who’s been taken down a few notches,” Domingo says. “So he’s trying to figure out who he is again, he’s trying to redefine himself as the world is trying to redefine itself.”

Even viewers are struggling to define Strand, but Domingo is confused as to why everyone keeps expecting him to be a villain. “He didn’t do anything. He didn’t kill anyone, he just has a deep voice and he wears a good suit and so there’s a problem there,” Domingo laughs. But then he does call Strand and House Of Cards’ Frank Underwood “close cousins”, so perhaps there is still some villainy in Strand somewhere?

Fear The Walking Dead: Season 2 will continue to air on AMC Global from 22 August 2016. For all the latest TV news, pick up the new issue of SciFiNow.