Fear The Walking Dead: what’s next for Alicia?

Actress Alycia Debnam-Carey on Fear The Walking Dead Season 2

The Season 2 mid-season finale of Fear The Walking Dead left the blended family at the heart of the show fragmented in many different ways, and left the survivors spread out across Mexico, all on their own separate routes to survival – or horrible, painful death.

Actress Alycia Debnam-Carey, who plays Alicia, sat down with us to tell us what to expect from the second half of Season 2.

The new season has Alicia, Madison, Strand and Ofelia finding themselves in a hotel in Mexico, where they meet some characters who “are going to change the game for our characters”. Debnam-Carey adds, “It becomes a whole other boardgame of dealing with other people that aren’t family, and maybe trying to create some harmony.”

Viewers will see Alicia step up to the plate in a way we haven’t before, and Debnam-Carey thinks it’s because Alicia “hasn’t lost as much as everyone else at that point… Alicia is in a position of, well, no-one else is going to keep this together right now, so I guess I will… She is a smart girl, she speaks fluent Spanish, so she’s already in the realm of this world, she’s quite ready to adapt to it, and we start to learn a little bit more about her too, that she might have some medical knowledge. She’s got a lot to trade in this world.”

Across the show, audiences have seen Alicia develop into one of the most practical and adept survivors on the show. “I think she’s always had to be the strong one,” Debnam-Carey says, but surviving a difficult family is very different from surviving a zombie apocalypse. However, Debnam-Carey is adamant that Alicia can go all the way. “I truly think if anyone at the moment has that potential [to be a survivor], it’s her.”

Fear The Walking Dead: Season 2 will continue to air on AMC Global from 22 August 2016. For all the latest TV news, pick up the new issue of SciFiNow.