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Fear The Walking Dead Season 2: The cast reveal all

The cast of Fear The Walking Dead reveal what’s in store for their characters…

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“We’re in an entirely different environment in Season 2. We’re on the ocean in a boat. We’re facing the elements and none of us are seafarers except for Victor Strand. It’s been very exciting for us to be on the water. It’s offered us a lot of new challenges as actors. As far as the characters go, we are all now challenged by being on this boat together. It becomes a tinder box of emotions because there are seven different people with different ideas and different motivations.”



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“There’s a new feeling to the show in Season 2 because we’re on the water. We’re all transforming. We’re all trying to figure out who we’re going to be in this crazy new world. I think Travis is broken at the start of the second season. He’s a practical man who will do what he has to do, but I don’t think he has it in him to be the alpha male right now. Madison is in charge, and Victor Strand and Daniel Salazar are the alpha males. I struggle to see Travis as a Rick Grimes type of character.”


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“Nick’s journey will hopefully be a spiritual one in Season 2. If the dead are rising from the grave, what does this mean? Is it the end of time? Is it Judgment Day? What is going on? That’s what I am interested for Nick to explore. What are the dead? It’s a different take on the genre; the idea of what a zombie is or how they should be treated.”



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“In Season 1, Alicia was quite a reactionary and observant character. This season, we start to see her making her own choices and becoming her own person. She is a teenage girl, but she is going to have to become a young woman quite quickly in this lawless world. I think that’s going to be really interesting to see. We can also expect an interesting dynamic between mother and daughter this season, which I am excited to start exploring. A mother-daughter relationship is really, really complicated. There is a very interesting dynamic there and I am really excited to dig my teeth into it.”



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“Ofelia lost her mother at the end of Season 1, and she doesn’t trust her father, because she thinks of him as quite the monster. She is a little bit orphaned in that sense. She is also physically hurt. Right now, she is a bit of an observer because she doesn’t know who to trust any more. You will see her on the precipice, but she stays on her own course. She’s trying to figure who is a friend versus foe – but you will definitely start seeing more of Ofelia as we go along.”



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“In the first episode of Season 2, you see Chris in a very dark place. Just like Ofelia, he has also lost his mother, so starts off on a very dark path. He’s trying to accept the reality that his father took his mum’s life. How does any 16-year-old kid accept that reality? He’s trying to find his place in this new world and he’s trying to rationalise the things that are going on.”



Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2, gallery

“Victor is always strategising and reading personalities to find out whether or not they can handle the situation, but he values obligation. You do him a service; he’ll do you one. When you examine what he has done in Season 1, he was very upfront about everything – but he doesn’t have a lot of grey. He says what he means and he is amazing to play.”


Season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead premieres in the UK on Monday 11 April at 2am (and is repeated at 9pm) on AMC, exclusive to BT. For more news about the biggest TV series, pick up the latest issue of SciFiNow.