Fantastic Four reboot wants Miles Teller for Reed Richards

Chronicle’s Josh Trank has approached Miles Teller for Fantastic Four reboot role

Ioan Gruffudd as Reed Richards in 2015's Fantastic Four
Ioan Gruffudd as Reed Richards in 2015’s Fantastic Four

According to the reasonably well-informed The Wrap, Chronicle director Josh Trank has his eye on Project X star Miles Teller for a role in his Fantastic Four reboot.

The site reports that Trank and Teller have already met, and that the actor is being considered for the role of super-stretchy super-genius Reed ‘Mr Fantastic’ Richards, played by Ioan Gruffudd in 20th Century Fox’s first two Fantastic Four films.

Fantastic Four is set for release 6 March 2015. You can buy Chronicle on Blu-ray for £9.75 at