Fantastic Four gets rewrite from X-Men’s Simon Kinberg

X-Men: Days Of Future Past’s Simon Kinberg to rewrite Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four “substantially”

Jessica Alba as Sue Storm in 2005's Fantastic Four
Jessica Alba as Sue Storm in 2005’s Fantastic Four

According to The Hollywood Reporter, X-Men: Days Of Future Past co-writer Simon Kinberg has been brought on board Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot to “overhaul the script substantially.”

Kinberg will also serve as a producer, alongside X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn.

That’s a lot of X-Perts on the team now. Perhaps we could be looking at synergy between the brand’s in a very big way, and we’re finally going to see something of Fox’s very own Marvel Phase 1.

Fantastic Four is set for release 6 March 2015. You can buy John Trank’s Chronicle on Blu-ray for £9.75 at