Falling Skies Season 4 isn’t for idiots, says Colin Cunningham

John Pope star says Falling Skies weeds out the ‘a-holes’ (and Noah Wyle definitely isn’t one)

Colin Cunningham as John Pope in Falling Skies Season 4
Colin Cunningham as John Pope in Falling Skies Season 4

Falling Skies star Colin Cunningham says the complexities of making the alien-invasion drama ‘weeds out the idiots.’

The actor, who plays anti-hero and fan-favourite John Pope on the hit show, joked with SciFiNow that the hours were long and hard, but their cast was entirely diva-free.

He said: “Nobody is a pain in the ass. The difficulty in doing a show like this kind of weeds out the a-holes. You really have to be there for the team and we’ve been lucky to have great people working on the show.”

Cunningham was also full of praise for lead actor Noah Wyle (ER, Donnie Darko), and his dedication to the series, saying that Wyle is his favourite co-star to work with.

“Noah Wyle is absolutely superb – he’s the consummate professional, and a brilliant actor. Out of all the cast that I like to work with he’s my favorite, hands down. I don’t know how he carries that pressure because he has so much to do. Yet he shows up every day and hits his mark.”

In his career, Cunningham has appeared in The-X Files, Smallville, and most-famously Stargate SG-1 as Major Davis. He went on to say that unlike some shows he had worked on previously, Wyle is a collaborative lead actor.

“A lot of times with a lead there can be a bit of a power play going on, whereas Noah is all about the other person’s performance. He wants to get the best out of the cast, not to look good because it’s his show – that’s what makes it different from some I’ve worked on in the past. Sometimes in this business egos get very inflated, but Falling Skies truly is an ensemble cast.”

Falling Skies Season 4 premieres Tuesday 15 July 2014, first on FOX.