Falling Skies Season 2 “really amps up the energy”

We speak to Falling Skies helmer Remi Aubuchon about the Steven Spielberg alien takeover show’s second season

Last time we saw Tom (Noah Wyle), he was crawling onto a spaceship, cut to season two and we’ve jumped forward in time. “He actually gets off that space-craft and three months has passed since he last saw the 2nd Mass and many things have happened,” reveals Falling Skies showrunner Remi Aubuchon. “We’ve been able to take the great work from the first season and spin it up, give it a speedball, and really amp up the energy this season.”

Right from the premiere episode, the 2nd Mass will be on the run as Aubuchon adds, “They are mobile, they are in vehicles, and they are being pursued strongly by the alien enemies, which gives a certain urgency and energy to this season. There is not a lot of time for them to stop and smell the flowers – if any still exist! Everything has to be taken in stolen moments.”

The new season of the Steven Spielberg-produced series is set to unveil more about the mythology surrounding the extra-terrestrials. “One of our goals this season was to try to find a clever way in which we could do that without cutting to the aliens telling us what their plans are, says Aubuchon. “We learn everything from the point of view of our characters, what they discover about the aliens is what we learn, so we have to bring the aliens to them in order for us to understand them more and we’ve done that.”

Falling Skies is airing now on FX in the US, and is expected in the UK in July.