Supernatural season six a ‘possibility’

Series creator Eric Kripke discusses the season six question with SciFiNow.

supernatural3-1Eric Kripke, the creator of Supernatural, has said at San Diego Comic-Con that he will be leaving the possibility of a sixth season open in the fifth, and supposedly final, outing of the horror-drama show, but that the current story arc will be concluded.

“I have low self-esteem,” admitted the showrunner to SciFiNow’s reporters when we asked him why he seemed to be prevaricating over a sixth season when he had been so sure that the show would only have five seasons as late as last year. “I never dreamt the show would go five years and so I had a five-year plan and now here I am at the fifth season and it’s doing well. And I’m like the girl with glasses in the teen comedy and everyone wants to go into a sixth season. And I was a little bewildered by it. And I think that’s why earlier I was so adamant about saying five seasons, because I never thought we’d go this distance.”

For anyone who has watched the show of course, its success is hardly a surprise. Supernatural has maintained a consistency over the last four years that is quite frankly astounding for a network drama, always keeping a balance between dramatic plots, humour and strong, solid characterisation that sets it apart from the standard fare. Kripke’s expectations aside, however, he still had – and has – a definitive plan for the story’s end. “So the reality is I do have a five-year plan, we are going to finish this story, this year. We’re not going to drag it out, we’re not going to try to stretch it to try to accommodate and dilute it and weaken it. We’re going to tell the story with a bang and it’s going to end.”

Where the confusion appears to have stemmed is from the possibility of a sixth season, and many fans have been worried that the story, normally so tightly controlled and paced, would become bloated. Kripke has just insisted that the current arc will end, that the Lucifer story will be concluding this season. What about beyond that? “We’re leaving the possibility for a new story to begin,” he explained. “So this chapter might be over but there’s absolutely nothing saying a new chapter can’t begin.”

Supernatural returns for its fifth season in September, on The CW in the United States.