Evil Dead TV series Bruce Campbell is set to star

Sam Raimi is developing an Evil Dead TV show, what’s the plan for Bruce Campbell?

Bruce Campbell taking care of business in Evil Dead 2

Over the weekend, Sam Raimi told SDCC that he, his brother Ivan and star Bruce Campbell were developing an Evil Dead TV series, but was cagey on the details.

When a fan took to Twitter to state that the only way they’d be interested was if Bruce Campbell was the star, Campbell replied with “That’s the plan.”

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 11.12.58What this means for the Evil Dead movie franchise is uncertain. When the remake debuted to such success, there was a lot of exciting talk about sequels and tying in with the original series with an Army Of Darkness sequel.

Raimi has been notoriously reticent when it comes to committing to continuing his Evil Dead series, understandably since every time he even hints that he might be interested, the news gets reported as “SAM RAIMI EVIL DEAD SEQUEL IS HAPPENING!” but this news seems more concrete than anything we’ve heard on the Deadite front for a while.


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