Everything About You by Heather Child exclusive cover reveal!

Check out the cover for Heather Child’s debut Everything About You

Heather Child’s debut novel Everything About You hits bookshelves (and the virtual bookshelves you find on the internet) on 26 April and we have the cover reveal for you thanks to the folks at Orbit Books!

Here’s what you need to know:

Freya has a new virtual assistant. It knows what she likes, knows what she wants and knows whose voice she most needs to hear: her missing sister’s.
It adopts her sister’s personality, recreating her through a life lived online. This data ghost knows everything about Freya’s sister: every date she ever went on, every photo she took, every secret she ever shared.
In fact it knows things it shouldn’t be possible to know. It’s almost as if her sister is still out there somewhere, feeding fresh updates into the cloud. But that’s impossible. Isn’t it?

Gripping, heartrending and quietly terrifying, this cutting-edge debut imagines a world where people can be recreated as data ghosts and lives can be changed by the information they’ve left behind – perfect for fans of Black Mirror and Margaret Atwood

Heather Child’s debut is a fascinating look at a hot button issue right now – how AI and algorithms shape our future. From Amazon’s Alexa to social media bubbles to Youtube’s recent scandal over AI-created children’s videos, technology is giving us what we want we want in more and more sophisticated ways. Heather Child imagines the generation growing up now and how their lives will be changed by technology being invented today. It’s also a missing girl story to satisfy fans of Gone Girl and Girl On The Train, and a sci-fi thriller with the relationship between two sisters at its emotional core. All in all there’s something for everyone here, so make space on your reading list for 2018!

The cover is designed by the wonderful Ellen Rockell at Little, Brown Book Group.”

Everything About You will be available on Kindle on 24 April and in hardback on 26 April.