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Eureka scores with ratings draw

Eureka returns to television, and brings its audience along with it…

eureka_event_mainEureka managed to stay on top of its game last night, pulling in a relatively impressive audience despite the huge stretch of times since its last episodes aired, and then ceased airing without explanation on Syfy (then the Sci-Fi Channel).

The show silenced critics and observers who suspected that the show would find it hard to regain its footing after the lengthy hiatus, coupled with a move to the infamous Friday night death slot. However, its audience returned, and the show ended up being one of the most-watched on cable in the demographic 25-54 during its timeslot, posting 2.6 million total viewers.

The series is now on the back half of its third season, and while the numbers wouldn’t be particularly encouraging on a major network such as CBS, NBC or Fox, for smaller networks such as Syfy and The CW, they’re certainly solid.