Dungeons & Dragons classic adventures available digitally

Wizards Of The Coast roll out massive old school Dungeons & Dragons digital archive

D&D Classics

D&D Classics
Old favourites like ‘In Search Of The Unknown’ are now available from DNDClassics.com

Wizards Of The Coast are rolling out a massive digital archive of old school Dungeons & Dragons sourcebooks, modules and adventures over at DNDClassics.com under the tagline “Every edition available again!”

Going way back to TSR’s First Edition and fan-favourite settings like Forgotten Realms and Ravenloft, Wizards Of The Coast have currently made 80 products available to buy digitally, but the total is expected to run into the hundreds, and starter adventures and cut-down basic rules can be downloaded for free!

Anyone want to come round to mine, drink cherryade and dungeon bash? My mum’s out, so we can have music as loud as we want!