Dungeons & Dragons artist David A Trampier has died

Dungeons & Dragons’ defining artist David A Trampier, aka DAT, is dead at 59

David A Trampier art

David A TrampierArtist David A Trampier, best known for setting up the world of TSR’s Dungeons & Dragons with his iconic, woodcut-style early illustration for the Monster Manual and Deities & Demigods, and the cover of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook, has died aged 59 following a stroke.

Withdrawing from the roleplaying community in the Eighties, Trampier had been working in Carbondale, Illinois as a taxi driver but had recently agreed to appear at a local gaming convention and was reported to be considering republishing some of his early art.

Sadly, he died before these plans could come to fruition.

Even if you’re unaware of Trampier’s name, if you’re a roleplayer you’ve definitely seen his work.

He will be missed by anyone to have ever cradled a D20.