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Dredd 3D is “very faithful to the comic” says Olivia Thirlby

Olivia Thirlby talks about the differences between the new film, the comic and 1995 movie. Dredd 3D is in cinemas 7 September 2012.

Dredd 3D Olivia Thirlby Anderson

Dredd 3D Olivia Thirlby Anderson
Olvia Thirly stars as Judge Cassandra Anderson in Dredd 3D, in cinemas 7 September 2012.

Speaking to the appropriately named Dread Central, Dredd 3D star Olvia Thilby, who plays psychic rookie Judge Anderson, asserted that 28 Days Later and Sunshine writer Alex Garland’s script was a cut above.

“The appeal was the amazing script and the amazing character that Alex Garland wrote for this,” confirmed Thirlby. “Dredd didn’t read like a normal genre script; the characters felt so real and the circumstances felt so realistic.

“There’s something I really like about the heroes in this film and about this world in general. They are just men and women really; they don’t have superhuman strength, or they’re not gods from a different planet- they’re just really brave and they feel really real to me.”

Thirly, like almost everyone else involved in the production, was keen to make the distinction known between their version of the 2000AD anti-hero, and the one appearing in Danny Cannon’s 1995 turkey, Judge Dredd.

“It is a totally different reimagining of the same source material,” Thirlby explains, “but in this version the goal was always to stay very faithful to the comic books, which is in contrast to what the other movie had done. There’s a difference in the creative imagining of these worlds, for sure.”