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Dracula Untold is not part of the Universal Monsters universe

Alex Kurtzman confirms the status of Dracula Untold and talks The Mummy’s tone

We’ve finally had our first look at The Mummy, the first movie in the newly rebooted Universal Monsters universe, and director Alex Kurtzman has been taking a few questions about the film and the new world of gods and monsters that they’re trying to create.

When talking at a press event for the film (via Screen Rant), Kurtzman, who is one of the shepherds of Universal’s oncoming franchise as well as the director of the Tom Cruise vehicle, was asked directly if Gary Shore’s historical retelling of the Dracula myth was part of the same world, and he answered “No.”

So, that answers one of many questions that we have about all these films that the studio has lined up. We’re still wondering which of the previously announced and rumoured properties are slotting into those 2018 and 2019 release dates (our money’s on The Invisible Man and Bride Of Frankenstein…ooh, maybe The Wolf Man, actually. Could it be The Creature From The Black Lagoon?)

Anyway, we’re not particularly upset to hear that Dracula Untold is being quietly forgotten about. There were definitely some good things about it, but it didn’t successfully blend the fantastical elements and the gritty Game Of Thrones-style gritty historical business that it wanted to. Luke Evans wasn’t really able to deliver a great Dracula (although we think he could be a great Count in a more traditional version), and the modern-day coda felt carelessly added on for the sole purpose of reminding us and executives that there could be a follow-up. So, yes, we’re fine with Kurtzman shuffling it to one side.


Kurtzman also addressed the issue of genre, which has been a bit of a sticking point for fans of the classic films since it became clear that The Mummy and the films following it won’t be horror films, at least not exactly. SlashFilm asked about the film’s tone, to which he replied:

“I think that our goal is to make a movie that’s full of suspense, full of adventure, that has moments of horror but that isn’t defined as ‘a horror movie,’ and that will ultimately scare the shit out of you.”

We’ll see…

The Mummy will be released in cinemas on 9 June 2017. For all the latest movie news, pick up the new issue of SciFiNow.