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Dominion Season 2 Confirmed – Humans Fight On

Syfy’s Legion spin-off gets another 13 episodes

Dystopian fantasy drama Dominion will be returning for Season 2 after a successful first year, reports Collider.

Like fellow Syfy drama Defiance, the spin-off of the 2010 Paul Bettany-starring movie Legion has been a hit for the channel, averaging around 2.7 million viewers in the process.

Dominion stars Anthony Head (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Merlin), Roxanne McKee (Game Of Thrones, The Legend Of Hercules) and Alan Dale (Lost, Captain America: The Winter Soldier), and sees an Earth posited 25 years in the future after a war began between humans and the forces of Heaven, led by the avenging angel Gabriel (Carl Beukes), with the forces of humanity counting archangel Michael (Tom Wisdom) and half-human/angel Alex (Christopher Egan) among their number.

No UK air date has yet been announced for Dominion Season 1. Keep up to date with the latest TV sci-fi in the new issue of SciFiNow.