Dollhouse falls, FlashForward surges

Ratings catch up for the last week in American television.

FlashForward_fiennes_cell_TCA-thumb-550x366-22065Dollhouse has continued to lose its audience for another consecutive week, early Nielsen ratings have indicated. Meanwhile, however, other shows have begun to claw back numbers from a dismal start to the season.

The second season of Joss Whedon’s troubled series hasn’t proved to be any easier than the first for its cast, crew and creator, pulling in 2,235,000 total viewers for its Friday slot. The show was once again beaten by newcomer Stargate Universe, which actually increased its audience from its debut last week. The show ended up pulling in 2.5 million viewers, a four per cent rise from the previous week. The premiere of Sanctuary’s second season also pulled in 1.9 million viewers for the channel, and posted its second highest numbers in the prized 18-49 demographic.

FlashForward, on the other hand, has seen its fortunes increase dramatically with the release of DVR numbers for its premiere, raising audience figures to 14.5 million viewers. The news has prompted the network ABC to order a back nine for the series.

Supernatural stayed more or less level, if down slightly at 2.41 million viewers despite the publicised cameo by Paris Hilton, and her subsequent decapitation. Fringe dropped to 6.015 million viewers, but likely suffered due to scheduling conflicts with baseball games. The Vampire Diaries continued more or less steady with 3.52 million viewers.

The prognosis is slightly healthier for some shows than it was a few weeks ago, but others are still suffering. Series that remain in the red include Dollhouse, Fringe, and Smallville, while Syfy seems to be happy with its shows this year, even if Universe’s figures weren’t as high as it liked. Live +7 figures will likely influence these results even more, so stay tuned.