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Doctor Who’s Nicholas Briggs joins Infinite web series

Sci-fi web series Infinite casts Doctor Who star Nicholas Briggs and more

Doctor Who's Nicholas Briggs
Doctor Who’s Nicholas Briggs

Ambitious UK space opera web series Infinite has cast its leads, led by Doctor Who‘s Nicholas Briggs, the voice of the Daleks and Cybermen on screen and writer/producer/star of numerous Big Finish audio adventures.

Briggs will play General Richter, the senior military commander of a manned mission into a black hole, and according to the press release he will be joined by “West End heartthrob Joshua Berg as the handsome and brooding cyborg, Colonel McQuaid and newcomer Helena McColl as the beautiful and sensitive android Sil.

“Rounding out the cast is Dutch actress Lia Albers as sultry engineer Svensson and Joseph Law as cocky pilot Anderson, named in tribute to the late Gerry Anderson who died last year.”

Subscribe to the official YouTube channel to find out more about Infinite, which is due to launch early 2014.