Doctor Who’s Mary Tamm dies aged 62

The original Romana, Mary Tamm, has died following a long battle with cancer.

Doctor Who Romana Mary Tamm

Doctor Who Romana Mary Tamm
Mary Tamm as Romana in Doctor Who

Mary Tamm, who played the first Romana alongside the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, has died aged 62 following an 18 month battle with cancer.

Barry Langford, her agent of 22 years, said: “She had a great zest for life. She was a fantastic actress – she played stage parts of such range, parts that would take your breath away. She could play any role, and do so wonderfully.”

The Doctor’s companion and Time Lord handler for the entirety of The Key To Time arc, which included ‘The Ribos Operation’, ‘The Pirate Planet’, ‘The Stones Of Blood’, ‘The Androids Of Tara’, ‘The Power Of Kroll’ and ‘The Armageddon Factor’ across 1978 and 1979, Tamm told Total Sci-Fi in 2007, “It’s gratifying because you leave something behind that people still remember.

“Since I left the show, I’ve remained involved through Doctor Who conventions and the fan mail which really has been consistent over the last 30 years. It doesn’t feel that long. The nice thing about it is that I don’t think there is any other actor who would have this kind of career because, of course, it’s always there. I used to get a bit irritated by it and thought I’d never get rid of it, but now I don’t want it to go away.

“I have a grandson coming up to three,” she continued. “He’s a bit too young now, but I can’t wait to get him interested in the series!”