Doctor Who’s John Simm wants a “darker” Master to return

Life On Mars star John Simm says he’d like a “darker, quieter” Master in Doctor Who Series 7

Doctor Who John Simm The Master

Doctor Who John Simm The Master
John Simm gurning it up as the Master in The End Of Time

Speaking to the Radio Times at Cheltenham Literature Festival, former Life On Mars star John Simm revealed that he would like to reprise his role of villainous Time Lord the Master in the Steven Moffat era of Doctor Who, and that it would be “different”.

“I’d love to have another take on him, to be a bit quieter,” Simm said, before adding that he wasn’t entirely happy with the character’s portrayal across the five episodes he appeared in.

“I started annoying myself after a while. [Then-showrunner] Russell T Davies had a specific idea of what he wanted him to be like. So I just had to do exactly what he wanted me to, and he wanted a giggling lunatic.”

Simm said he would be up for taking The Master to “a very, very dark place” under current showrunner Steven Moffat.

“I’m sure his take on [the character] would be different, so I’d be interested to have a look at it.”

He’d definitely be a fitting opponent for the 50th anniversary series, wouldn’t he?
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