Doctor Who’s Jenna Coleman on Clara’s new boyf

The companion on love interests and a darker twist

The TARDIS is ready for relaunch on 23 August
The TARDIS is ready for relaunch on 23 August

Love is in the air, but maybe not in the TARDIS, as Jenna Coleman dishes the goss on Clara’s new love interest.

School teacher Danny Pink will be played by Samuel Anderson (The History Boys, Emmerdale), and is set to appear later on in Series 8. But unlike past Doctor Who BFs Rory Williams and Mickey Smith, he’s unlikely to be getting in on the space and time road trips.

“He’s the perfect boyfriend really, and is very supportive,” Coleman told the BBC, “but he doesn’t know anything about this double life she lives.

“She tries to hide it from him whilst at the same time falling in love. She becomes very torn between the two – it’s almost as if she’s having an affair, without having an affair, but the lying becomes more and more.

“Basically she’s trying to manage the two, and have these two men in her life. It becomes quite a hurtful thing and quite a hard thing for her because she’s totally torn between the two, and trying to have both at once without being able to do it successfully.”

Looks like no more mutant space pregnancies for you, Who.

Coleman also touched upon what fans can expect on the 23rd.

“It feels different. The pace is different, and the tone. It’s definitely darker, but again I think it’s because the Doctor is much more removed and not as accessible to humans.

“The show feels more complex, and the Doctor is complicated. He’s this heroic figure, but he can’t quite accept he’s a hero.”

Doctor Who Series 8 begins 23 August 2014 on BBC One and BBC America. You can buy Doctor Who: The Day Of The Doctor on DVD for £9.99 at